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Relatively Happy!

Before I get into the creatures in Savior of the Damned, I'd like to talk about WHY I am relatively happy right now.

Look to the right! (Have you looked to the right yet? That was a demand, lovely reader you). Apart from the fact that I changed some stuff around, I now have followers! Yes; there are people reading my blog. They may not always comment, but I at least don't feel as much like I'm talking to myself. This is going a lot better than my first attempt at blogging ages ago.


My readers/editors: Now, this is making me more antsy than relatively happy. As I mentioned in a previous post, SotD is in the hands of five critiquers until the first week of December, where I will take the book back, edit accordingly, and finally start sending the books to agents. However, I've only gotten word back from one reviewer, a good friend of mine, and the others haven't said anything. :( That leads me to believe that, though I tried to choose carefully, none of them are as interested as they initially seemed to be. Are they just busy, or is my novel not good enough to hold the attention of at least five people?

Updates: In due time, perhaps tomorrow, I will be updating the SotD site. Basically, I'll add a section that shows which tropes occur in the novel that I know of so far, as well as an info section that will show the number of words and pages as of this draft.

Now, what I wanted to talk about was the creatures in Savior of the Damned. In the first book, there are vampires, angels, demons, werewolves, corpse eaters, ghosts, and soul eaters (not to mention sirens and a three headed demon dog and a killer clown). Throughout the whole tale, I expect to add more, such as zombies and necromancers and witches and hunters.

Do you think that's too many creatures, even if weaved in according to the plot? (And it all makes sense. My main character is, after all, the Savior of the Damned). Or are you happy to see a story that realizes there is more to the supernatural world than vampires and werewolves?
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