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I blog every Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays, I focus on what I'm writing in general. On Thursdays, I focus on my novel in particular. In a previous post, I said that I would spend the two months that my novel is in the hands of critiquers working on a creative writing portfolio. Well, I abandoned that plan about a week ago.

These are the reasons I've been giving myself for the change of plans: 1.) I will be taking creative writing courses in college. I can build a portfolio there, or at least focus on building one on campus. 2.) My novel has a lot of stuff going on, so it would be smart to do some more research and writing.

However, I most likely gave up on this whole creative writing portfolio thing because I get home from the APA at five o' clock, and that only adds to my apparently growing laziness. People think I'm doing a lot this year, but this is NOTHING compared to how I lived my life freshman and sophomore year. In other words, the first creative writing course gave me a personal essay to write. I had no problems taking notes, but when I had to write the essay, I totally bombed it. I'm already doing scholarship essays. And so I realized that, if I was gonna waste my time not doing the creative writing portfolio work, I can use that time working on my novel -- something I always feel the need to work on.

Because I'm back in total Savior of the Damned mode, my Tuesday posts will no longer talk about what I'm generally doing in the writing world (unless I mention a review I've turned into Suspsense Mag or I actually write a freaking short story. lol). Instead, they will talk about the things in the writing world that have grabbed my attention, like MFA's and Self Publishing and Kindles. Mind you, these posts will probably be link heavy and opinionated, but that's nothing new!

Today's post was just an explanation post, though. I'm gonna get some shut eye. I'm not liking that this whole feeling unwell thing is becoming a habit. Reminds me of depression. :(
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