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I'm sick today, so I probably shoudn't be online blogging. Still, I'd hate to NOT blog on the days that I set to blog - tuesday and thursday. My stomach may be killing me, but if I wasn't blogging right now, I'd just be working on my novel.

And that's today's blog post: what I'm doing with my novel, now that it's finished and in the hands of five readers/critiquers.

Well, it turns out that it's not really finished, but I've said that before. My critiquers would be amused to learn that the draft I sent them, the draft that I thought needed no more massive rewriting (I count massive rewriting as adding more scenes to a chapter or adding a new chapter or deleting a chapter altogether), had actually been undergoing massive rewriting for the past two days. Here's why:

Sub-plots: I'm developing a little more on three sub-plots that originally didn't get enough attention in the first two drafts: The cops, angels, and Samuel's minions. Samuel's minions and the angels were handled without too much rewriting. I just had to explain some stuff in already created chapters. However, because of the cops, I now have to write another chapter called Officer Clayton and explain some stuff in any chapter that mentions cops. I haven't written a new chapter in so long. I'm pretty excited.

Timeline: Back when I first started writing the second draft, I came up with a story timeline listing the dates from the first chapter up to the second book. However, back then, I had 41 chapters. Now I have 39, which means a great amount of the dates are off. That came to my attention when Alecia said, in Chapter 6: Haze, that it was a bright Friday morning. I went back to my notes and realized that, months ago, Chapter 6 was Chapter 9! I'm less excited about creating a new timeline than I am about writing a new, action packed chapter with cops.
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