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Caleb Jennings

I seriously almost forgot that I had to blog today. I sat at my computer for five minutes after watching a particularly intense episode of Monster and thought to myself, "Wow; I'm bored. Aren't I supposed to be doing something important today...OH YEAH!"

I have been making wonderful improvements to Savior of the Damned. At first I had a hard time planning out my newest chapter, Officer Clayton. I knew nothing about cops and paramedics, and my first draft chapter summary consisted of vague sentences like, "She ripped the cord thingy out of her arm." So I asked for help, and my friend Maria and author friend Breanna came to the rescue. Maria's paramedic stepdad answered my questions the same day I sent them to Maria. I still await the assistance of Breanne's cop husband, but I can write the chapter and add his input later.

Another reason why I have been motivated to make wonderful improvements is Caleb Jennings. I've been spending a very innovative couple of days at his site. Below I list the things that I participated in:

  • Writing Place contest: This probably should have gone in tuesday's blog post, but it didn't cross my mind. I am Entry 2. Though I didn't win, I still got a good number of votes. My writing isn't so bad!
  • Vlog: Caleb posted a video blog about me and my entry. He did a good amount of talking about dark stories, and he said some very interesting stuff.
  • Interview and Excerpt: This was, by far, the absolute best and scariest part of being featured on Caleb's site. Caleb posted an interview with me, a 300 word excerpt of my choosing, and a reading of the excerpt. The members of the site also had the opportunity to state their opinions on my entry. The discussion that went on down there in the comments, about voice and dialogue tags and description especially, was very enlightening!
  • Audio Edit: I really loved what he had to say, namely because he didn't feel the need to edit alot. lol.
And that's all for today!
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