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Triple R: Read, Rate, Review

I've already used the picture to the right, but bleh; it's a good description of what my room is becoming, and what it will definitely become if Triple R: Read, Rate, Review is a success when I launch it.

The site is for what the title says its for. I, as a book reviewer and interviewer, will be creating Triple R to help aspiring writers and published authors get seen. It will have a featured content box for interviews and book trailers, among many other things.

I don't know when I'll be launching Triple R or if I want to announce my new novel site at the same time or wait until my novel has been signed on for publication. I'm hoping after Christmas, once I can get my novel package for Rhemalda finalized and submitted. The site is taking alot more work than I figured. Website coding isn't much fun, definitely when you're a semiperfectionist. >.<

Lots to do, lots done.

Though there are quite a few general writing things I've finished and will be putting in effect soon (new website! I'll talk about that in Tuesday's blog), I happen to be equally excited about the progress of Savior of the Damned. By December 31st, as a Christmas present to both myself and the novel, I plan on submitting to Rhemalda Publishing. Rhemalda is a fairly new publishing house. The first three writers to be published are J.S. Chancellor, Walter Rhein, and J. Marie Croft. Now there is a growing staff of writers, and I would really like to be a part of this staff. Everything I've heard about the publishing house - the staff, the creator, the writers - screams of what I'd want in a publishing house.

The past few days, I've been working on my marketing plan, my synopsis, and author bio. When my critiquers give me back their edits on December 16th, I'll work diligently on adding in the edits and the little new concepts that keep evolving.

However, I won't get my hopes up. I'd really like to be signed on with Rhemalda, even though my book wouldn't be out until Spring 2012, but if I don't get signed on, I'll just lick my wounds and try for agents and other publishing houses.