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Busiest, Most Successful Month of my Life

You know what I've just realized? I always have one intense month. November 2011 and December 2010 come to mind immediately. Sure, months like that are very stressful, but they're always rewarding in the end.

This year, May 2012 is the stressful, rewarding month. I'm editing a self-help nonfiction book (one where I have less than two weeks to finish the edit, since he's publishing the book really soon) and critiquing a fiction novella. I'm also coaching a writer who wants my assistance on every aspect of the writing, promoting, and publishing process. I'm writing an eBook series too. It's tentatively titled The DIY Guide to Book Promotion and it will be a two book series dedicated to, well, cheap and/or free methods of promoting a book based off of my experiences with promotion. I need to finish The DIY Guide to Book Promotion: Before Publication this month so that, next month, I can finish the DIY Guide to Book Promotion: After Publication while the first book is being edited. The plan currently looks like this:
  •  May: Finish Before Publication. Create new Honest Crits site using WordPress.
  • June: Send Before Publication to beta readers. Finish After Publication.
  • July: Send After Publication to beta readers. Create and integrate a promotion plan. Work on course. Finalize Before Publication (edit-wise).
  • August: Finalize and publish After Publication and Before Publication before classes start.
 You see, when college starts, I am putting the business on hold until summer break. It's especially important I put the business on hold for college my freshman year. Why? Well, I haven't been in school for months, so I'll need to work hard just to get back into the groove of a lifestyle where school is in the center. Plus, I am known for getting overwhelmed. My first round of college absolutely depressed and frightened me. I didn't have my priorities straight at all. Added to that, I was on my own and lonely. This is take two for college, so I want to make sure I don't screw it up by trying to be both a dedicated, full-time entrepreneur and a dedicated, full-time student. Some people can do that. Kudos to them! I can not.

However, I don't want to completely put the business on hold. My editing and coaching services will definitely be closed. Those are very intensive and I refuse to half ass either due to inevitable school work and personal life stress. However, I will still review a book every week (except the first week of school and the week of finals). The eBooks and the course means that, in a static sense, the business will still be running even while I'm in school.

Now you know all the reasons why May 2012 is busy. Here's why it's so far the most rewarding month of my life: 1.) I love that I'm helping so many writers out. It makes me feel accomplished and professional. 2.) I've made more money this month than I made all 5 months working as a barista at Indiana University Bloomington's Campus Cafe. That blows my mind. By the end of this month I will have made about $1400. When I was a barista at IUB, it took me five months to make about $1300. $900 of that $1300 went right back to the university. I don't know if any other month will beat $1400 (or even make it to $1400. You know how much money I made last month? $61.00), so I'm cherishing it now. Most of the money is currently going into savings for a car. I can't wait!

Yep, that's the update on my life. Back to work I go. ^_^ Also, concerning the 10 hour vids below...they're not actually 10 hours. As in, the two songs don't last that long. It's just a 10 hour loop. You can very much watch and enjoy the two vids below without dedicating a day to them.