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It's been a while...

....Sorry about that! However, I do have a formidable excuse. December was an immensely busy month for me, and if I wanted to complete the two goals I set for myself before the new year - 1.) Send Savior of the Damned to Rhemalda Publishing, the first publishing house I've ever considered and 2.) Complete and launch Triple R, my new reviewing site - I had to stop doing everything else and focus entirely on those goals.

Guess what? I completed both of those goals! I got an e-mail from Rhemalda Publishing yesterday that said SotD was currently in the hands of their reviewing group and they'd get back to me with either a no or request for the whole novel an approximately March 2nd (or 3rd). While I wait, I plan on writing book 2, Realm of Darkness, and searching for other publication houses and agents. I'd love to get signed on with Rhemalda! I've talked to almost all the authors in that house and they've helped me immensely. However, I know there's still a chance I WON'T get accepted, so it's important to keep the search up.

Last, but definitely DEFINITELY not least, I launched Triple R. If you're an aspiring author or published author, please click on the banner at the bottom of this post. I'd really appreciate your support and participation.

Also, since I put myself back on a stifling schedule again, Tiffany Rambles should go back to being regularly updated. Whenever I have too many important things to take care of, I have to schedule my days so I won't put too much emphasis on one goal. I have to edit my best friend's novel, read an e-book for Triple R (If I don't schedule reading an e-book, I'll have a harder time finding a reason to open the .PDF, even when I like the story. This is why I prefer print, but I know this will change the day I get a Kindle), and study for the Academic Decathlon.

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