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AcaDeca 2011

So, because I'm a competitor in the Academic Decathlon, and I haven't been practicing as well as I should have, these next four days will be dedicated solely to practicing. The competition is THIS saturday, and I'm yet to remember my speech or read the book.

The big question: Can I survive this challenge or I will I fall prey to my growing sickness (sore throat, stomach cramps) by then and drop dead?

Now, I'll still update my blogs. On Thursday I'll be posting at Triple R, but it'll be a short post. Most likely talking about what I have planned as far as the book giveaway and guest appearances (two authors, a publisher, and an aspiring scriptwriter already said yes!). I was gonna blog about how I should strike the 'perfect' balance with my blog, but that will take a little more time than I have now. In fifteen minutes, my first day of intensive studying begins.

What's going on with me?

Well, if you know me on Facebook, you're already aware of this, but remember when I blogged about participating in the IRT Young Playwriting contest. Guess what? I won! Me and my best friend won, actually. However, the big issue is getting there. Who will drive? Will the playwriting people who are giving Caitlin and I housing allow the driver to spend the night? Caitlin and I have until February to figure this all out.

Also, also, I may soon be a contributor for The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog! I admire their blog very much, and even if I don't end up getting a paying position -- which is most likely the case -- I'll love contributing. Plus, it'll help me meet many more helpful people in the writing world.
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  1. Rachel Says:

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