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Never Know Where To Start

So, it's pretty hard for me to strike a balance with this blog. Now that I have Triple R - a site dedicated to book reviews, guest appearances, and the craft of writing - and am a soon-to-be contributor for Best Damn Creative Writing Blog (BDCWB) and Suspense Magazine, I know I can focus most, if not all, of my thoughts on writing in those venues. I want Tiffany Rambles to be personal - not diary-style personal, but certainly not just a checklist of things I need to do and stuff about writing. However, it is true that I mostly think about writing and college, so it makes sense that my personal blog would focus so strongly on my writing and college endeavours...

...bleh. It's my personal blog. Why in the hell do I need to strike a balance?? Have I ever talked about my obsession with maintanence and balances?

Moving on. lol. So, I am now a Hudson and Holland Scholar at Indiana University Bloomington! This is the first scholarship I've won and hopefully it won't be the last. I've entered into many other scholarships and I plan on entering into many more throughout my last year as a highschool student. I've just received the reviewer guidelines for becoming a BDCWB contributor. Because I don't think my style of reviewing is currently up to par for BDCWB, I'll be spending many hours (certainly not today. I'm failing honors trigonometry and I need to actually focus on understanding that before it transfers to my report card) reading every single one of their reviews and studying the material the editors seem to like most. Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on with me and Suspense Magazine, but I am two books away from finishing the first box they sent me about two months ago. I just think they're rather busy, is all. Triple R is also working out well. There seems to be a good demand for a series I'll be starting soon about correctly utilizing Facebook for marketing, and I only have two more spaces to feel as far as guest appearances go to completely have every Saturday in February and March paired with an author or publishing house.

I can't wait!

As it with this blog, I'll be irritated that I forgot to say something after I already put the post up, and then I'll come back next week and make the same mistake. >.< Thanks for reading! Please, feel free to comment.
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