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The Mandatory Scholarship Meeting and Other Realizations

Two things in particular I want to talk about today. 1.) Yesterday and visiting Indiana University Bloomington for a mandatory Groups scholarship meeting. 2.) The site changes I had to make to Triple R and how this makes me feel.

I think both topics have the opportunity to be really long posts, since I have lots to say about both. I may just save the 'Other Realizations' part of this post for my next update, which should hopefully be on Thursday like it's supposed to be. -_-

So, about that meeting...

My step-mom, dad, and I had to wake up at 3 am. Of course, it's my fault that I ultimately didn't end up sleeping until about 10:45 (or was it 11:45?). Couldn't miss out on talking to Matthew (I hate missing out on talking to Matthew), since I knew the weekend would be busy and hectic for both of us, and I was kinda restless anyway. At 3 am, the three of us slugged around the house and got ready. We ended up leaving at 4:30 am, my step-mom with the directions, my dad behind the wheel. It was really dark, and I remember being sleepy, nervous that we wouldn't make it on time (by 9:30 am), and excited. I've never visited IUB before this; I wanted to see if it is as beautiful as people say.

And it is, but I'm getting ahead of the story. ^_^

An hour into the trip, we almost got lost because dad didn't want to follow directions (I seriously think this is a man-driving thing), but fortunately we were able to fix that quickly. Remarkably enough, throughout the trip, we only got confused or somewhat lost about 2 or 3 times...and not so much that lots of time was wasted. I tried to sleep and met with pain. I stared at the clock. I stared out the window and got creeped out by a collection of large, metal windmills with red beeping dots all turning simultaneously. I thought about my story. I wondered what would happen if the windmills attacked us. I thought about Matthew, Matthew, Matthew and hoped his day wouldn't be too exhausting. I wondered if he was thinking about me. I vaguely brought him up, and my dad said, "Stop obsessing over that boy," so I didn't bring him up again until two more hours had gone by. ^_^

By 10 am, we were there! We didn't have enough time to stop for food and I could never find the right position to sleep in, but we were there and it wasn't an issue that we were late. Plenty of people were late, much to my relief. Even though it was rainy and gloomy, I was still very excited to be at IUB. My legs were freezing, my feet already aching from the heels - of course, I was the only one who dressed up - but that didn't stop me from looking around like a kid inside the world's best candy store. I remember when we first arrived in Bloomington. There was a sign saying, "Indiana University welcomes you!" or something of the sort, and I sat up almost immediately. It was like the first time I went to Six Flags. I kept looking and looking for signs of the college, and when we turned into Jordan Avenue I was all smiles.

Me and a small group of other late kids went and took two math placement tests. Yes, I took two math placement tests with maybe 5 hours of sleep and no food at all. The rest of the day went pretty well. I liked the girl who led our group. She was honest and talkative and down-to-earth. Sadly, I have no memory of her name. We did a very short tour of the school on our way to the lunchroom (they gave us these fancy cards with ten bucks on it. I still have mine somewhere. I'll probably keep it for as long as I can keep up with this wallet) and I knew I was accepted into the right college.

 I ate something from this place called Baja Fresh. It was good, but it would've been better had they not burnt most of the chicken on my chicken tacos. There was a big meeting in room 013 of Ballantine Hall, which was full of laughter and expectations that made me even more excited to be part of Groups...yet just as weary. There was a smaller meeting in room 209 of Ballantine Hall, which had the same effect.

And then, about 8 hours later, it was over. They reunited us with our parents. We got into the car and met with OMGTRAFFICJAM. The ride back, definitely in the beginning, was brimming with confusion. My dad only printed out how to get there directions, so we had to back track. I actually helped with this, since I remember most of everything we passed to get there.

The ride back was much longer. We didn't get back home until 9 or 10 pm. I checked my Facebook on my dad's phone a couple of times. I didn't want to message Matthew because I knew he was hard at work, but I really couldn't help myself. I missed him. I slept for two hours and woke up in pain. -_- By 9 pm, I was so bored and ready to be home.

And that was my trip! Sorry that this post was so long. However, I'm gonna make it just a TAD bit longer. There's a high chance I might become an interviewer for Caleb Breakey! Right now we're trying to work preferences and whatnot out.

Back on schedule...

...at least, I certainly hope so and I am working on it.

You see, for the past week or two, things got a little bit out of control for me. I don't mean the bad type of out of control - goodness, that phrase has such negative connotations. I mean out of control in that way that things always get when an 18-year-old female falls for a guy who actually likes her back. This seems odd compared to how I felt in that one blog post, where I said that I felt romantically inept. I mean, I STILL feel romantically challenged. It's not as strong anymore is all.

Currently, things are wonderful between us. That's all I'll say on that. I know this is my personal blog, but I have more limitations here than I do at Tiffany Stumbles, and rambling on about a boyfriend - something I could easily do, mind you - doesn't seem like it would interest you very much. It could also backfire on me somewhere down the road.

So, about writing. I am exactly one scene away from finishing Chapter 3: Saumerville Central. I like that the end of the chapter has a creepy/supernatural feel. To be honest, though, I can't say I'm too fond of the rest of the chapter. I have this odd thing against chapters in books that go through a teen character's day of highschool. They irritate me, no matter how well written they are. Maybe it's because I am in highschool right now and I hate the place. Maybe it's because I think of how highschool is portrayed on sitcoms and that irritates me. Either way, I don't like reading or writing a-day-in-highschool scenes, which is why I went out of my way in every draft before this to start Alecia in in-school suspension. This time, though, I HAD to mix everything up. I'm really challenging my interests and skills this edit through.

Speaking of that, I'm very excited about the fourth chapter. It will be very supernatural and creepy, just like I like. However, it's challenging because it will be in third person...and in Levi's point of view (this will not make sense to people who haven't read my story when it was online). Most of the story will be told in first person point of view with Alecia narrating. Have you ever seen this done in a story before? I really want to do it, even if it's not completely logical. This is at least necessary for the first part of the story.

It will also be complicating because I never once stopped to fully consider what a normal day in Levi's life was like two months before the story started in other drafts. Ideas, ideas, ideas.