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3 Fire Alarms, 3 Weeks Gone, 3 More Weeks To Go...

My life is in a state of three right now.

I've been in this scholarship program at IUB for three weeks now, and in those three weeks there have already been three fire alarms - two in one day in the same building and one today.

A food center is perhaps one of the most irritating places for a fire alarm to go off. You could be eating, you could be choosing your food or waiting for it to come, you could be in a rush to eat and make it to your destination right on time...

But I got really lucky. I not only finished my actual meal just in time, but I was one of the two people in line as the alarm went off, meaning I ended up with free chocolate pudding! :D

On another note, I finished my English and Reading homework yesterday. Today, at 2 pm, I'll start on my math homework. That'll probably take me the rest of the day to complete. For right now, though, I'm gonna make myself happy by checking e-mails and reading Neil Gaiman's and Michelle Davidson Argyle's blog. I may even be able to fit in time to work on chapter 2 of my novel. I did some edits to chapter 1 yesterday that satisfied me much more. I'm just having a hard time with part 1 of my story in general.

In three more weeks, I'll be back home for about 2 1/2 weeks before actual college starts in the Fall. Yes! I miss the warmth of having my boyfriend right next to me and the anticipation that I'll have a good time with the bestie. Plus, I'll get to see my family again.

Now it's time to admire Neil Gaiman and Michelle. ^_^