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3 Fire Alarms, 3 Weeks Gone, 3 More Weeks To Go...

My life is in a state of three right now.

I've been in this scholarship program at IUB for three weeks now, and in those three weeks there have already been three fire alarms - two in one day in the same building and one today.

A food center is perhaps one of the most irritating places for a fire alarm to go off. You could be eating, you could be choosing your food or waiting for it to come, you could be in a rush to eat and make it to your destination right on time...

But I got really lucky. I not only finished my actual meal just in time, but I was one of the two people in line as the alarm went off, meaning I ended up with free chocolate pudding! :D

On another note, I finished my English and Reading homework yesterday. Today, at 2 pm, I'll start on my math homework. That'll probably take me the rest of the day to complete. For right now, though, I'm gonna make myself happy by checking e-mails and reading Neil Gaiman's and Michelle Davidson Argyle's blog. I may even be able to fit in time to work on chapter 2 of my novel. I did some edits to chapter 1 yesterday that satisfied me much more. I'm just having a hard time with part 1 of my story in general.

In three more weeks, I'll be back home for about 2 1/2 weeks before actual college starts in the Fall. Yes! I miss the warmth of having my boyfriend right next to me and the anticipation that I'll have a good time with the bestie. Plus, I'll get to see my family again.

Now it's time to admire Neil Gaiman and Michelle. ^_^
7 Responses
  1. Wow, I'm honored to be the only other blog you'll be reading besides Neil Gaiman! :)

    Be forewarned, my few recent posts are a bit whiny. Hah. Well, they feel that way now. I guess they're just passionate and honest.

  2. C. N. Nevets Says:

    Residence life in college revolves around fire alarms. Not studies. Not parties. Not romances. Fire alarms.

    Good luck, hand in there, and enjoy your invigorating blogs!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    @Michelle: As far as I'm concerned, they were just passionate and honest. I related and learned, like I always do when I read your posts. ^_^

    @Nevets: Yah, gotta remember to hang in there, but are fire alarms really a part of the residence life in college? o.O No one has ever talked about that before. lol.

  4. C. N. Nevets Says:

    Yes. Fire alarms are the thing. lol

    Sorry to be the one to break it to you. Complaining about those is up there with complaining about the food.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    If anything, unless a real fire actually does break out and people actually get hurt, I think the fire alarms are always amusing and absurd...and I feel sorry for the policemen and firemen if they come and nothing is really going on. Fortunately, though, I still like the food! I wonder how long that'll last. lol.

  6. C. N. Nevets Says:

    IUB has good food, but I think if you eat at the same place all the time, you get tired of just about anything. lol

    Plus it's just kind of something you do, like complaining about the changing weather in Indiana. lol

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