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Bleh, overarching post

When a person doesn't update their blog for as long as I haven't updated my blog, it's hard to summarize all that has happened since the last post. Heck, in my last post, I still had 3 more weeks to go before I'd be finished with the scholarship program. I've already been out of the program for a week or so.

Meaning, if I tried to summarize all that happened in between, I'd certainly miss some stuff and this entry would be really long. It's my understanding that most people don't like really long posts. How do you feel about length in blogging?

So this entry automatically becomes one of those overarching posts that I don't really enjoy because so much is skipped over. But I'm saying all of this because I will be going back to updating every Saturday. Yes, I've sorta kinda said that in a previous post, but I'm for serious this time! If I'm gonna have to slowly but surely get accustomed to following the schedule I set for my critiquing business, I'll also have to slowly but surely get into the schedule I set for my blogs.

What will I talk about? Random things on my mind. Life at Indiana University Bloomington. My writing.

It'll basically be the same, just more consistent. And also, because it will be consistent, there'll be less overarching posts. ^_^
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