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At Indiana University Bloomington

<<<< You see that building? That's the Teter Quad at Indiana University Bloominton, and that's where I've been these past 2 days and where I will be until August 7th. I'm in the Groups Program, meaning, for 6 weeks, I'll be at the college earlier than the Fall students. I start taking classes Thursday. I create my Fall schedule today.

I have to be pretty quick with this blog post. At 11:30, I meet with my personal business advisor to create my schedule and ask questions (which I have PLENTY of. lol). That meeting happens in the Teter Quad, but I'm at the Herman Wells library a couple of blocks down. It's about a 10-15 minute walk. Also, I forgot to bring my laptop's charger, like a doofus, so it's gonna die in about 33 minutes.

These have been some HELLA hectic two days, and I know for sure that this 3rd day will be no different. It already feels like I've been here forever. Yesterday, I got lost trying to get from the Kelley School of Business to Teter. I knew I had to go through Woodburn Hall and Ballantine, but I got lost after finding Woodburn Hall. It was pretty fun, though. I found nice people to help me out, learned new things about campus, saw some real college people discussing an assignment, and finally got some time to explore alone. It's not the safest of things, no, but I have been exploring separately from the other Groups people. I went to the gym, found the bus stops, and found outside stores. However, I'm always back well before the sun comes down, and I usually stay in buildings.

That first day was so overwhelming for me. Without the constant support of my boyfriend and best friend, I might have panicked. I didn't have a lot of things I needed to live in a dorm for 6 weeks (Hell, I still don't, but my room mate and some other friends are going shopping later today and I'm coming along), and I instantly got that inferior feeling I get when surrounded by lots of girls who I know are much better off than me. It's petty; it's insignificant, but I just can't help that feeling.

My boyfriend woke up earlier the second day to say good morning as soon as I woke up. Believe it or not, that really really helped. It gave me some amount of confidence for the 2 meetings and 1 test that would follow - 3 hours in all. So far, we've had an induction ceremony, created a song for our dorm floor, had a floor meeting and a house meeting, had an after dark campus tour, had an ice cream social, and had a Teter party (that I was WAY too sleepy to go to). Many more things are planned to keep us busy until Thursday, when classes start.

I keep being told that classes won't be easy, and some of us won't make it. Ohhhh boy.

So I like that they're keeping us busy, but I'm perfectly able to keep myself busy. I like that they're starting to loosen up a bit more on free time because I have a business plan to write out and organize, a college/scholarship portfolio I want to create for my boyfriend, and stories to write. I want to be able to get a cup of coffee and go to the library to do these things for at least an hour or so, and I don't mind waking up earlier for that.

Now, about this business...I'll go into more detail about it when I've created a legit business plan. However, it involves content editing and promotion and consistent money! That all excites me, but I know now is not the right time to launch such a thing. I want to be successful. I want to make money. But I don't want to die of exhaustion and burn out.

Now I'm gonna get on another computer to take notes on the components of a business plan. Until next time!

~Au Revoir. 
2 Responses
  1. Cas Peace Says:

    Tiffany, I like how upbeat you sound about this, and I hope you can stay that way. This sounds like the right thing to concentrate on for the moment - try not to give your brain too much other stuff to cope with! Best of luck with all your classes and also your business plan. Just don't forget to take time out to let your mind and body rest. It's essential!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for commenting! I had something of a break down yesterday, but I'm back to being upbeat about it.