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IRT Playwriting Contest

Usually, on Tuesdays, I don't have anything in particular to blog about because I've been focused more on SotD (which is going along VERY well) than on any writing projects outside of it. I actually do have something now.

Surprise, surprise! I'm entering into a playwriting contest.

In the 8th grade, I attempted to write a small script. I vaguely remember abandoning the idea a quarter of the way through. So, with that in mind, I don't know why I jumped to compete in a creative form I know so little about. Sure, my best friend is an actress, and I talk to the actors in the APA (Academy of Performing Arts), and I've had theatre class. Still, I never paid attention to the actual play format. Yesterday, I did some research on the format. Today I started writing the play.

If I hadn't spent two hours on a fifty question homework assignment, I could have finished scene 1 at least.

The play doesn't have a name yet. I'm thinking about calling it Wanderer, though. The story is about Christine, a perfectionist who lives her life solely the way society wants her to, and a homeless wanderer named Wyatt who wants her to understand just how much of an empty shell she really is.

This is a stark contrast to the novel I've been writing for five years, where Alecia (the FMC) is an ex-junkie prostitute who needs to cope with being framed as a serial killer and her title as the powerful Savior of the Damned.

Wish me luck! :D
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