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Busy Writing Time

The lovely picture to the left belongs to Suspense Magazine. You should really check it out!
I've been doing a lot of writing lately. I don't know if the drive has powered up so strongly in reaction to other things in my life I have no control of, but it's certainly not a bad thing. If you don't know already, Suspense Magazine is the mag I write book reviews for. It's also the first publication outside of school that has published something of mine. Finally, I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this whole writing thing!
Two things of mine were published in this issue: 1.) My book review of "Murder in Vein" by Sue Ann Jaffarian. I plan on putting the book review all over the web in due time, either today or tomorrow. 2.) The first ten pages of my novel edited by Starr (I'll get more into this in the blog post that will come this thursday).
The rest of my drive has been focused on Savior of the Damned. I would like to pursue Rhemalda, and it's almost time for my critiquers to turn in their edits. More on that later.
The deadlines for three scholarships I'd like to pursue are quickly approaching, so I'll have to put my creative aspirations aside for college, at least until after December 15th.
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