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If I've befriended you on Facebook, you already know that I've finished my play. I've put up about three stats about it, all phrased differently but saying the same thing. I've also already blogged about it.

After this, my general writing focus will go back to scholarships. I got into IUB! Now I have to worry about paying for it. :(

Anyway, back to the play. It's about an overachieving perfectionist who doesn't question anything about her life until a runaway named Wyatt asks her to. It's 20 pages on paper, so it'll be about 17-18 pages when I type it up. I'm thinking about calling it "Bottle Empty," Since Wyatt compares her to an empty bottle just waiting to be filled up.

Yes, the play takes a lot from my life. At one point, I faced that problem myself. There was this feeling that I did everything for others and very little for myself. It's not to the extreme that Christine's symptoms are, but I always exaggerate or understate issues in my writing, definitely if said issues pertain/once pertained/will pertain to me.

So, that's all! See you thursday, if I still have internet access.
2 Responses
  1. I'm married to an actor so I really appreciate plays. Congrats!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Having finally sent the play out today, I can't exactly say I'm as confident as I once was about it winning, but the experience was still a great one!