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If the picture and the title of the blog isn't obvious, today I feel accomplished. Now, I know it's too soon to be saying that, and I'll probably be eating my words in a couple of days (or minutes), but I do feel accomplished.

These last couple of days have been pretty frustrating. My internet got cut off, and most of my plans also got cut off. For the first time, I haven't blogged both tuesday and thursday. However, that also resulted in me getting a lot of writing done. I not only finished Chapter 36: Officer Clayton, but I added more to my Mind Realm concept. By Mid December or the beginning of January, my novel should definitely be ready for agents and publishers!

Then I received two very great e-mails, one from the Suspense Magazine editor about the December issue, which will have the critique of my story by the wonderful Starr and some of my reviews; the other came from Dakota with the notification that I'll soon be recieving a free, signed copy of Sacrifice in the mail. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting free, signed copies of books. J.S. Chancellor was the first to do so for me, and I intend to pay them both back dearly with reviews galore and word of mouth (this hints at an author program I'd really like to put in effect, but that's for another day...)

What put the topping on the cake was the e-mail from IUB telling me that I got in! Now, I know it's not safe to be too excited. They gave me the early e-mail before the letter, and the letter will really solidify it for me. But still! Now all I have to worry about is...the money.

Oh dear. I might as well be poor. >.<
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  1. Tiffany Says:

    And I am now eating my words....