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Triple R: Read, Rate, Review

I've already used the picture to the right, but bleh; it's a good description of what my room is becoming, and what it will definitely become if Triple R: Read, Rate, Review is a success when I launch it.

The site is for what the title says its for. I, as a book reviewer and interviewer, will be creating Triple R to help aspiring writers and published authors get seen. It will have a featured content box for interviews and book trailers, among many other things.

I don't know when I'll be launching Triple R or if I want to announce my new novel site at the same time or wait until my novel has been signed on for publication. I'm hoping after Christmas, once I can get my novel package for Rhemalda finalized and submitted. The site is taking alot more work than I figured. Website coding isn't much fun, definitely when you're a semiperfectionist. >.<
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  1. Tiffany Says:

    Idk if the picture is being weird just on my computer or what...