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How long this blog post will be depends on how much I can type before the bell rings. I've never put up a blog post during school, but this is just about the only time I have available, so here goes.

This entire week was planned in advance last week. My senior-year-of-highschool and personal life is basically eating up time for my academic/professional life, but that's okay. I'll be going to college this summer. There, I'll be right back to my tight schedule...meaning I want to cherish all this time with my boyfriend and friends as much as I can.

Tomorrow is prom. THAT certainly feels surreal. It's not really setting in, honestly. -_- For the longest time, I was certain I wouldn't go, yet here I am.

Yesterday was Wednesday Writing/Work day, where I take a break from any social activities that do not involve me writing or working on my website. I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I DID complete my next article for Best Damn Creative Writing Blog (BDCWB). I'll send it to the editor some time after school. I also submitted my resume to Elance, where I can hopefully start getting paid for freelancing.

As excited as I am about this freelancing stuff - it's been my dream to prove to myself that I do have the strength and energy to consistently write for other places - I really want to get back into creative writing. Today I wrote two more paragraphs of my short story and one more paragraph of my Chapter 4 summary for Savior of the Damned. That's just not enough, tho! I know I can only push myself so much, but still...

In all, I'm busy, extremely happy and grateful that so many people support and care about my endeavors, and very tired/afraid. Soooo much is about to change. Jeez, I can feel it everywhere I turn.
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