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The Pieces are Connecting

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Fragments and pieces of thoughts have been flying around in my mind. Here are the things I've been concerned about:

  • Savior of the Damned: I wanted to figure out how to add more of a supernatural feel to the first part of the story, and I also wanted to make the climax a large pile-up of events that should all help Alecia come to an important decision. I figured out what I could do for the beginning a couple of days ago. The ending was a lot more complicating, though. Finally, while walking to breakfast this morning, I figured out exactly what I could do! I was all smiles the whole walk. Now to write it all in and see if it fits as well when all typed-up.
  • Dream Catcher: The biggest question is as follows: can I really write this whole story in third-person present tense? I won't know the answer to that until I do it. There are other concerns too. What are the rules of the dream world? What dreams will I be using? What will the conflict in the other books of the series pertain to? Though Dream Catcher, book one in the Insomnium series, is essentially a spin-off of the Danse Macabre series (Savior of the Damned), there's still a lot more I need to learn.
  • Website Renovations and My Business: ALL of my sites will be renovated by January 2012. Tiffany Rambles may become TTCole, but the design will definitely get changed. Triple R: Read, Rate, Review will turn into Reader's Den, a sister site to Honest Crits, my critiquing/reviewing/promotion business. I have all the layouts and pictures I'll use for each site saved. Now it'll just be a matter of figuring out the content and preparing to promote it.  
Some of the pieces are connecting, but others still need some time. In all, I've been very antsy lately, and those above are the reasons why. Also, can't forget to add the two songs I've had on repeat lately!

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  1. Wow, lots of stuff in the works! So exciting! Can't wait to see the new looks. :)

    And I love third person present. Several of my stories in True Colors are in that tense, I think. I'd have to double check.