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7 Writing Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

If I didn't clear through my e-mails everyday, I'd have hundreds of messages to check. No, it isn't due to spam, but very few of those e-mails are directly from an individual. I generally turn to Facebook when I want to talk to someone.

See, my problem is that I'm a spontaneous subscriber. I'm subscribed to dozens of blogs and websites, some of which I've later regretted signing up for. However, apart from the blogs I keep up with because they inspire me (The Innocent Flower, Amanda Hocking, Welcome to the Asylum, Neil Gaiman, etc.), there are exactly seven sites I would recommend any writer subscribe to - not only because they are all free, but because they are all wonderful, consistent resources brimming with vital information about the writing world:

1.) Writer's Digest: I feel like Writer's Digest, a magazine that always has many wonderful articles, speaks for itself. Unfortunately, I can't afford to subscribe to the magazine, but I don't mind getting the newsletter in my e-mail every week as a smaller replacement. There are always 5+ articles on varying topics.

2.) Social Media Examiner: This is one of my absolute most favorite newsletters. Need help understanding software? Want to know about new innovations across the social networking world? Want to watch interviews from top marketing people? This site has those things and so much more.

3.) FundsForWriters: This newsletter has been named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer's Digest every year since 2001, and it's definitely earned such an award. There are always two articles - one from the creator Hope Clark and one from a guest. As far as the extremely helpful content go, there are links to competitions, jobs, grants, and publishers/agents.

4.) Fiction Notes: It's a bit hard to describe this one. Though the design is always the same, each newsletter is slightly different. Sometimes there are two articles in a newsletter. Sometimes there is one long one or one short one. What I like most about this newsletter is that it DOESN'T bombard me with a gazillion other articles to read. Don't get me wrong; I love that the other sites above give me a lot to choose from. However, Fiction Notes keeps it nice and simple when my e-mail world is so often very complex and time consuming.

5.) Worldwide Freelance Writing: This is a great resource for all the freelancers out there. Similar to FundsForWriters, it has an editor's thoughts article and a featured article. Afterward, it gives links to ebooks for writers and writing markets, as well as news about what's going on in the writing world.

6.) Advanced Fiction Writing E-Zine: I've been subscribed to this for years, ever since I discovered his wonderful Snowflake Method. Generally, there are three articles in this E-zine. They often thoroughly touch on marketing and writing craft.

7.) Publish Your Own Ebooks: This is one of my newer subscriptions. I'm still getting accustomed to this one. However, it does contain a good amount of info on how to navigate around the ebook world, a venture I will later take on.
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    Uhhh haha I think I subscribed to every one.