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I'm All Over the Place

Between Chicago, Hammond, and Bloomington, it feels like I've been all over the place. I admire Neil Gaiman's travel lifestyle, but I also wonder how he does it. I'm so ready to just sit down in one place I feel comfortable at for certain, preferably my work desk at home or next to my boyfriend anywhere in his house, and write. Right now, I can't really do any of that. I'm going back to Indiana University Bloomington for another three weeks, a place where life is always hectic and all over the place. I dread going back. I really do. That's the honest truth.

The saddest thing, perhaps, is a comment my sister made recently when she saw me taking notes for Dream Catcher in a notebook: "I haven't seen you write in a while. You used to always have a notebook or book with you and you'd always be writing or reading. I thought you stopped."

I remember back when the only website I had was a small forum called Writer's Haven, when Savior of the Damned was my writing life. I did write and read a lot more back then, almost feverishly. I never kept track of word counts. I just wrote passionately as much as I could everyday, and I'd stop for a month or two and return with even more passion.

Soon, I plan to be a full-time writer and entrepreneur; I plan to try and make money off of what I've always loved and did for free through contests, freelancing, clients, self publishing, and traditional publishing. To begin, though, I know I need at least one month where I can bring my unorganized, scattered life back to an equilibrium and just sit, comfortably, at my working desk.

My college desk will never do it.

On another note, here are the two most recent songs I can't stop listening to:

2 Responses
  1. Jamie D. Says:

    It's incredibly hard to write in college...pretty much the only thing I wrote during those five years of my life were papers for classes (and those the night/early morning they were due). So really, anything you are able to write through the chaos is an amazing accomplishment, and at the same time, if you need to let it go for a little while, know that you *will* get back to it eventually.

    Writing is in your blood (it's obvious), and I can say for absolute certain that you can't ever just get rid of that itch completely - it won't just up an leave you hangin'. ;-)

    I'm sorry to hear that you're dreading school - I loved college, though it was a ton of work (and I worked my way through...maybe you're doing that too, so I know how chaotic it can really be). Maybe it's time to reevaluate your class load, or your study path? No point in being miserable for something that costs so much both in time and $$, eh?

    Either way, chin up. You'll get through this. :-)

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for this comment. I've read it at least 2 times. It's really helpful. I often run into the problem, when trying to dedicate myself to daily writing, of having too many papers and projects and being too exhausted.

    Yeah, I am having to work my way through college using jobs and scholarships and loans. It's really chaotic sometimes, and I share your sentiment in there being no point in being miserable for something that costs so much.