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The first three pages (and only three pages) of Dream Catcher that I wrote before I realized college would eat up too much of my time to do Nanowrimo have been scrapped. I just couldn't write any more of it, in spite of how exciting and action-packed it was. It didn't feel right, similar to how the very first scrapped chapter of Savior of the Damned (when it was called Corpse Eater) didn't feel right.

In Corpse Eater, I wanted Alecia and Levi to be lovers in spite of his being a corpse eater demon thing. I was dead set on doing a supernatural romance that wasn't a vampire/human or werewolf/human romance. However, when I wrote that first kissing scene, I couldn't write another word for weeks. Even then, before I created the complex hardships that are present in Savior of the Damned concerning Levi and Alecia's relationship, my muse knew they could never easily be lovers. Plus, I realized I'm no good at writing romances.

What went wrong in Dream Catcher was writing in first person simply because I'm comfortable with it (I spent six years writing Savior of the Damned in first person) and not figuring out how I wanted to portray the dream world. Even though I'm certain college will be the bane of my existance for the next 2-3 weeks and interfere with time I could be using for writing, I can see the story coming together in ways that surprise me. Also, my storytelling style seems to have changed! Here's the first paragraph:

When in the waking world, Joachim Horowitz is as solid a human as everyone else. He has tangible skin that is at least two shades away from being very pale, dark hair that rests in a curly mess around his face, and sharp hazel eyes that people often don't notice due to his mastery of keeping them closed. If he stands out, which is a rare occurrence, it is either because he is standing - at a whopping 6'2" - or people have realized that the proportion of time he sleeps in class outweighs the proportion of time he's awake.
3 Responses
  1. Cas Peace Says:

    I think it's extremely useful, as well as being interesting, to chart how your own writing changes as time goes by. Life experiences change how we are as people, so it follows that the way we write, as well as what we write about, will alter as we grow. It's all part of the learning and evolving business - if we don't do it, we will surely stagnate!

  2. Like Cas says, it's really great that you are noticing things about your writing in this way! I like that paragraph, especially the last sentence. :)

  3. Sierra. Says:

    It's kinda funny; it's got humor in it, and that I like. I've come across "present tense" narratives before that have been outfuckinstanding so that you've chosen to go with that, AS WELL AS a third-person narrative, kinda foretells of awesomeness to come. Both the styles are less common in the fiction world and put to good use could become a pretty sweet monster to reckon with.

    On another, absolutely unrelated note, blogger is askin me to verify a captcha and it says: MANKITY. Thought that was funny.