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Bit.ly and Hootsuite: Two good services for your website/blog

The first graph comes from Hootsuite, the second one from bit.ly. They are both free services, but of course you can choose to purchase more advanced versions. I don't use them as often and as consistently as I should to get a general idea about my site, but I really should take them more seriously.  Under each picture, I'll explain what the graph is showing.
I use hootsuite mainly to promote one link across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn simultaneously. I think it makes the process a lot quicker. After doing that for about a month or so, I decided to explore more features on the left side of the site. The third picture down is Analytics. There, I created a 'Custom Report' and decided to have them mailed to me every month. So everytime I promote a link there, hootsuite will tell me how many clicks it got and from where every month. When I first started using Hootsuite, all those stats above were zero. Eight isn't a whole lot, but it sure made me super happy.

Bit.ly is my favorite. The graph above shows me getting 41 clicks on the shortened link to my blog post "How (NOT) to Survive Nanowrimo." The 41 clicks, which is unusual for me, happened as a result of people on Twitter RTing. I need to use Twitter more often, so maybe I can write a marketing series for Twitter similar to my Facebook and Marketing series. Basically, you put the link in the bit.ly box and it'll shorten the link for you. Promote said shortened link in all the normal places you usually promote links and then go back to the page and click the 'information' part next to the shortened link. It'll show you a bar graph and the circle graphs above, unless you didn't have any hits at all (sadly, this has happened to me a number of times). I'd recommend joining the site for free so it can collect all the links you shorten with bit.ly.

What are some services you use for keeping up with your site's stats?

On a Personal Note

This, sadly, will not be the year I finally win Nanowrimo. As much as I'm ashamed to admit it, way too many other things are competing for all of my time, so I'll have to back out. December is actually more ideal for me to write a book in a month. Also, can't forget the two songs I've had on infinitelooper lately!

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you mean Tiffany. Work and wifely duties keep me from really concentrating on Nano. Not to mention, I'm editing my other novel, Catching You.Just remember that you don't have the win, you just have to write.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Exactly! Thanks for the helpful tip. Also, last I checked, you only had one more chapter to go. Man, you're on such a roll!