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Just Checking Stuff Off

Wow. 9:15 on a weekday is pretty late for me to be blogging, but that's because my day got unorganized when I went to the library to print out my 250 page novel, clicked print twice by mistake, and ended up owing the public library $45 I can't give back any time soon. Not only don't I have a tangible copy of the novel to give to my best friend to edit, but I am also experiencing debt for the first time.

I don't like it. lol.

Today's blog won't really have an overall topic. Instead, I'm just gonna list the things I am and am not accomplishing. I like the idea that my life is a series of checklists. Whenever I mentally or phsyically check a goal off of my long list, I feel a little better on the inside.

Caleb's Teen Writer Site: Caleb is an author who also devotes his precious time to "Refining Teen Writers and Readers Into Rock Stars." I was very excited the first time I found out about this on Facebook. A couple of minutes ago, I sent an interview and a 254 word snippet of my story to him. I hope it is recieved well! Whenever I can find enough time to stop and chill, I'll post all over his site. I'm 18. I'll only be a teen for so long, so I need to take advantange of such wonderful opportunities while I still can.

Suspense Mag: On October 3rd, I submitted my review of "Murder in Vein" by Sue Ann Jaffarian to the editor. It was an amazingly good book. I finished it within 6 hours, which is record time for someone as busy and time locked as me. Next I'll be reviewing "The Law of Nines" by Terry Goodkind when I finish reading this book by Ron Suskind (That's not a Suspense Mag book). So far, I've reviewed four books. I have five more to go before I'm finished with this box. Reviewing is pretty formulaic and fun! I'll blog about it one of these days.

Creative Writing Class: For my first free online creative writing course, I am taking lessons from The University of Utah's Introduction to Creative Writing. (To see the course assignments, you'll have to click 'Other User' and 'Login as Guest.'). Anyway, I wrote down notes from the Syllabus and...that's about it. lol. This I can NOT check off of my checklist. Because yesterday I needed a break, and today I got home two hours late, I didn't have enough time to do an assignment there. Definitely tomorrow, though.
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  1. Oh, I had to laugh when you said you accidentally clicked 'print' twice....and had to pay the library. It's awful, yet so funny at the same time. One of my favorite quotes is "Nothing bad happens to a writer".

    True that! Anything can be fodder for a novel idea--or even a blog post like this. It makes life INTERESTING. =)

    Have a great night, Tiffany. Keep writing. I'm loving your blog.

  2. Tiffany - thanks so much for the great shout out! Can't wait to read your review of Murder In Vein.

  3. @Brittney: I still have to pay the library. lol. I haven't done it yet, and there's a problem with that which I'll mention in tomorrow's blog. Once again, thanks!

    @Sue Ann: I'm not sure what issue of Suspense Mag it will be published in, but, whenever it gets out, just be totally assured that it's definitely good. :D