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So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing, and I started it a lot like how I started writing (well, excluding the whole video game thing I talked about in the My Writing Journey article.). I used to read a lot in the 7th and 8th grade, back when I didn't feel the need to do anything but get A's and read read read. No worrying about college and jobs and publishing and romance and 'becoming an adult' and blaaaaah. I read 7 books a week, sometimes 10 if it was only about 200 pages. Now I read about 5 books a month, and that's if I'm being consistent.

Anyway, this isn't about my reading binges.

Before I started this blog, and while I'm doing this blog,I kept/keep up with a number of blogs. These I follow almost religiously:

Tim's World: He's also an aspiring author. When I first took the step toward using Facebook as both a marketing platform and a social area for my friends/family, I was very nervous. I didn't think anyone in the writing world would take me seriously. Tim was one of the first people I met from taking this step that looked past my age and whatever else and talked to me like a serious aspiring writer. It really helped to boost my confidence, and so I can't help but follow his blog.

Neil Gaiman: I found out about Neil Gaiman sophomore year, when I was working/volunteering in my old highschool's library. I read American Gods first and, from that point forward, fell in love.

Welcome to the Asylum: I write reviews for Suspense Magazine (Which I may have mentioned about a gazillion times since I started this blog, and will probably mention a gazillion times more unless they kick me out of the crew). So, I know a couple of the reviewers. Well, there's a LOT of reviewers, and I'm aware of about three of them.

John announced when the author J.S. Chancellor signed on as a reviewer. I wanted to know why he was excited about this. So, I went on her page, found her blog, and read her posts -- starting from the first one -- everyday. Of course, I never commented, so she has no idea. lol.

Rockets in the Night: I read "Teen Angst...Naaah!" about two years ago. I kinda liked the book, but I recalled really liking the way he wrote it and how honest his accounts of drugs and friends and school was. Recently, a friend of mine let me borrow Ned's book -- now a movie -- called "It's Kind of a Funny Story." And I loved it! Ned's blog deals with depression, writing, and life -- topics I've always been interested in. I'd like to get my hands on, "Be More Chill."

There Are No Rules: This is a Writer's Digest blog by Jane Friedman. I've been a Writer's Digest newsletter subscriber for about two years now. If I had any money, I would subscribe to the mag.

If only Voltaire had a blog! But his vlog will do. NEVERMIND! He does have a blog.<3

Blogs I'd like to keep up with and will soon enough: Mark Sadler's blog and Sue Ann Jaffarian's blog.
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  1. lol, you're right, I didn't know! How awesome. Thanks for stopping by The Asylum and for giving me a shout-out here. It totally made my day!

  2. Tiffany Cole Says:

    It just made my day that you even bothered to comment. I absolutely adore writers, and when published ones actually talk to me, my heart explodes with excitement! Anyway, I still have a couple more posts to read, and I'll actually make sure to comment (What happens is I read them before school, and I don't really have time to comment as well). lol.

    I wish you the best of luck with your publishing life! If I had any money, I'd totally buy it. :D

  3. S Says:

    Voltaire has a blogspot-blog too. It hasn't been posted in since last year, but: http://voltairenyc.blogspot.com/