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Why Today Is A Good Day

<<< That guy is Neil Gaiman, the first person I've ever been this much of a fan over. I'm serious. I'm often fangirl spazzing over characters, but hardly people. I think Stephen King is a close second. >>>

Anyway, I am going to be totally uncreative and give you a list of why today is so good, and then I will give a very short list of what may tamper my happiness.

  • I laughed and smiled and ate alot of junk food in school and got away with wearing jeans the whole day.
  • I finished Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home, and I think I accomplished removing the slow, boring bits that made me self-conscious of my writing. Four important conversations were had. My main character now has the biggest migraine (incidentally, so do I, but more on that later.) The Big Bad called and said, "I know exactly what the future brings for us, and I'm anxious with excitement. It finally all begins. Child, you're in for one hell of a ride." And, incidentally, I was also anxious with excitement...even though I've rewritten this story 6 times in five years and know everything in store. I felt like I was in for one hell of a ride too - not just with writing this again, but with reading it again. I spend some nights talking myself into depression about my writing skill, but I AM telling the story I've always dreamed of reading, and hopefully it's the same for someone else too. That's what really matters, how freaking passionate I am about Savior of the Damned.
  • I finished the first of ten scholarships I'm going to be completing these next two weeks. Because of these scholarships, I've taken novel writing out of my schedule. Fortunately, my classes are so easy that I can write during class. This will all change in college, when I go back to serious nerd mood, which is why I'm taking advantage of it now. Anyway, I'll print and finalize everything tomorrow and send it off.
  • Things on Triple R are still slow, but I feel the site is at least improving some, and it's forcing me to challenge myself in ways I never would have before. Actually doing author interviews and agreeing to review short story collections and a nonfiction book? For me, that's conquering silly fears of mine that will undoubtedly get me one step closer to my dreams in writing.
The One Bad Thing That May Tamper My Happiness, But I'll Try My Hardest Not To Let It:

  • Oh my god, this throbbing in my head is only getting more persistant! I know this is gonna sound silly, but I swear my body is connected to my story. >.< Yesterday I felt really empty and surreal after writing a chapter about my character feeling empty and surreal. Today I have a massive headache after finishing a chapter that ends with my main character having a massive headache. And trust me, there have been more coincidences throughout the years.

That is all! Also, not that you asked, but WHY am I such a fangirl of Neil Gaiman? I read his blog and love his humor and feel connected to him, like I've known him my whole life even though I've been fairly unsuccessful at even getting him to say hi. He started young with book reviews and articles, just like I am, and he gives me even more of a reason to improve at writing. One day, I just want to be in a position to say hullo to him from one writer to another and that is all, and there's this largely childish girl in my heart who writes all my stories and believes that becoming a published author will give me that opportunity.
4 Responses
  1. Cas Peace Says:

    Great post, Tiffany. I love the way you let people into your life in a way that's both emotive and interesting all at the same time. I'm sure that if I tried it, it would be boring!
    And I totally empathize with what you say about your body being connected to your writing. To me, that's a given - the story is coming out of you, so how could you *not* be connected? The fact that you end up experiencing the same feelings, even down to a migraine, as your characters, only goes to prove that you are putting your heart and soul into what you write. And that's the mark of a GREAT writer.
    Have more faith, Tiffany!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Yay, the comment feature works now! Thanks for your comment. ^_^ Glad to know it's not so odd that I'm very connected to my story, and that you think I let people into my life in a way that's not boring. Sometimes I'm afraid of that because I mostly give off to-do lists and the like.

  3. Cas Peace Says:

    Hey - so the comment feature now works, you're glad I think you're not odd, and you also now know you're not boring.
    Three more reasons why today's a good day!

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Yep! Plus, when you add that to the fact that it's nice and warm and a Friday, I can't help but be happy. I'm glad these days have been pretty easygoing and happy because I'm tired of being upset.