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In the clouds

Thanks to the inspiration I'm getting from J.S. Chancellor, Michelle Davidson Argyle, Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, and - most recently - Johnny Depp, I've been high in the clouds.

Whenever I read a blog post from Chancellor or Argyle or Neil Gaiman, I'm reminded of where hard work can get a dedicated writer and that it's not all entirely out of reach. Whenever I watch a movie Johnny Depp is acting in or Tim Burton is directing, I am reminded of why I love and write in the dark/horror genre.

When I saw Sweeney Todd in choir class yesterday, I walked out of there with a big, goofy smile on my face and I thought, "THIS is why I write! To make readers feel the way I feel about my story, about my characters, about the atmosphere, about the passion." If I can do that for one reader, just ONE, my life will be as complete as it would be if I could get Neil Gaiman to say hullo to me. lol.

Because I am reminded of why I write, I go about my daily goals with much more passion and direction, and its working wonders for my writing. These days, I can't stop writing. Sometimes all this passion feels silly, but I want to take advantage of it before being overwhelmed steps in again.

God, I'm such a romantic! When I'm singing, when I'm writing, when I'm reading, when I'm listening, when I'm imagining,when I'm acting....life feels entirely worth living. Sometimes I'm nervous or lonely or distressed, but I'm mostly happy and thrilled and anxious and passionate all at the same time. I think all those emotions go hand in hand for a creative person anyway.

These days, I'm mostly content and willing to work towards reaching my goals. And it's the best feeling ever.
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  1. What a lovely little post! Lately, I feel like my posts are either just complaining or rambling. It's nice to know they're resonating with some! :)

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Sadly, my mood has been sapped. It's not that my sister stole soda from me. It's that I KNOW she stole it and she's lying in my face and I bought her something and she already had soda. It seems so terribly insincere and unthoughtful. Smh.

    Anyway, now I'm just ranting the irritating frustrations I deal with all the time. >.<

    They're definitely resonating, because any posts you consider rants or complaints hits the core with what many of your readers are dealing with too.

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  4. Ah, what a sweetheart! You do realize, of course, that you inspire other writers as much as they inspire you. I used your review site at my tuesday writers' group as an example of professionalism and passion. I didn't tell them how young you are until after they were done drooling. You're incredible Tiff. I wish that at your age, I would have had even a fraction of the gift that you have. Just a tenth. Hell, a tenth of a tenth.

    Keep writing. Keep pressing on. Keep pursuing. Nothing is out of reach until you turn your back on it.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Really?! God, that just made my day all over again! I think it was important that I put this blog post up, because when I reread it I can remember the overwhelming sincerity that came forth when I typed it.

    I definitely will. I don't think I'll stop until the day I die, which hopefully won't be anytime soon.