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My Apologies

Over at Triple R, I went through a 1-2 month unofficial reading break. Yes, I'm aware that the site is called Triple R: Read, Rate, and Review, and I probably should have been focusing more on those main aspects, but I did get wrapped up in a number of events (the events below are only what I can remember off the top of my head too):

1.) Guest Appearances
2.) Rhemalda requesting the full manuscript of Savior of the Damned
3.) Facebook Marketing Series
4.) General fatigue and scholarships

So, why am I putting this post here, on my personal blog, instead of Triple R? Well, the days I generally post on Triple R are being taken over by the Facebook Marketing series. >.<

The good news is that I feel like I'm back to normal with my reading, and I want to make it known that me slowing down with my reading had NOTHING to do with Andrea Kane's 'Drawn in Blood.' I am currently reading Walter Rhein's 'The Bone Sword,' and I feel like I should hopefully get through it by this week. It's not as long, nor is the font as small, as Drawn in Blood (once upon a time, this never played any part in my thought process about reading a book. I used to always be able to finish a book 300 pages or under in one day. Oh, how things have changed.)
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