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So Excited!

So, earlier today, I had this whole blog post generally planned out in the magical notepad within my brain. Now I can hardly remember what I was going to originally talk about because I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TODAY. (Yes, I haz caps raped, and for good reason this time!)

I think, at first, I planned to ramble on about why I haven't really been reading the books for Triple R, and how bad that makes me feel, but how I do plan on getting back on task when life stops continuously throwing surprises at me. I'll probably blog about this next Thursday unless something else gets me, like my upcoming scholarship attack.

Anyway, back to me being SO EXCITED and raping my poor caps lock. Rhemalda Publishing, my dream publishing house besides all those big houses, contacted me this morning about my manuscript submission to them. Here's the first paragraph of their wonderful and informative e-mail:

"Ms. Tiffany Cole,
Good evening, this is Emmaline Hoffmeister, Vice President of Rhemalda Publishing. I am writing to you regarding your manuscript submission Savior of the Damned. It has been reviewed by our manuscript submission team who have requested to read the full manuscript. I am sure you are very excited right now, and I want you to hold onto that enjoyment as I go over a few things."

I know I'm not some writing prodigy, and my sincere devotion (I love everyone associated with that house!) to everyone on that publishing team played some part in this decision, but that's all good. I have major intentions to work my absolute hardest, to make sure they don't regret making an exception of sorts for little old me. And the ideas for Savior of the Damned have just been pouring in!

I'm so excited, as I've said before!

In Other News...

1.) Guest Post/Jamie DeBree: Over at Triple R, my Every-Saturday-Guest-Post-Series is still going on, of course! Webmistress and author of steamy, suspenseful romance Jamie DeBree will be guest appearing with her helpful post on characterization. Drop by on February 19th, and please don't be afraid to comment.

2.) Triple R's Big Book Giveaway Contest: The contest where you can choose up to 7 books if you get first place is still going on. Look at the book list and see what you'd like!

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