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Renewed Excitement

The song below is what I'm listening to now, and what I spent most of last night writing to (but very quietly so I wouldn't wake up my room mate)

Mostly, I just wanted to attempt putting a vid in the post. It's occurred to me that I've never done that before. I listen to a lot of music, mostly creepy instrumental music. That above is a small snippet. ^_^ Anyway, the all nighter I attempted to pull Friday night was mostly unsuccessful, as I discussed in my last post. However, I ended up pulling an all nighter (or at least staying up until 4 am; I would've stayed up longer if I could eat) last night unintentionally, and I think it worked out much better than before.

In an effort to flesh Alecia, her parents, and her rehab situation out, I wanted to add more chapters. So I did. I added like 6 more chapters of pure fleshing and build-up. And then, last night, I realized something: it was WAY too much build-up. Instead, I'd ended up making myself impatient for the action to start, and I figured readers would feel the same. So I ended up scrapping three chapters and totally reordering others. This way the Big Bad is revealed in chapter 4, all the major characters are introduced - to some extent - by chapter 3, and the new Exordium - or my fancy way of saying 'preface' - is a good fleshing out chapter for Alecia and her situation.

My excitement for this series has been totally and completely renewed. Man, I don't know why the beginning has got me so stumped. Part 2 is and has never been this hard on me.

I go to work in about 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes, I need to outline my review of Allan Leverone's 'Postcards from the Apocalypse.' After work, I'll need to write said review and type it up. It won't go public at Triple R until Monday morning, though.

At first I figured I would start reordering the chapters for SotD on the computer and not just in my notes after typing the review, but I've instead decided to outline the setting, characters, and plots for my Dream Catcher series - the one I aim to self-publish. I probably won't really start working on the Dream Catcher series until I start resubmitting SotD to publishers; still, I'm excited to see where my mind wants to go with this idea.

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