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Ideas are coming

So, in yesterday's blog post, I promised myself that I'd start an idea booklet. Last night, no ideas would come to mind. I was confused and a little sad. Back in middle school, I easily had two notebooks full of ideas. Why wasn't anything coming to mind now (beside ideas linked directly to Savior of the Damned)?

Today all the ideas hit me.

I was walking to a financial aid meeting. The sky was big, blue, and beautiful, and my music blasted in my ears. Before I knew it, I couldn't stop the ideas from coming. All types of ideas too: A humorous fantasy, an off-kilter fantasy about the muse, a supernatural spin-off to SotD about necromancers, an alternate world horror/fantasy, a young adult coming-of-age comedy...

I found it odd that so many of my ideas were comedy, though not odd that so many were fantasy (I used to be a high fantasy writer before getting into horror and supernatural). I'm not really big on funny. Tragedy, yes. Comedy, no (not unless it's full of sarcasm and dark humor). Even more, I found it tragic that I was walking and going to a meeting, so I couldn't write it all down. They're in my notebook now. I'm gonna write the descriptions, in spite of the fact that the trade-off of writing these descriptions is pretty big, after I finish this post.

I've also been thinking a lot about short stories. I read lots of nonfiction and fiction, but I've read very few short story collections. In fact, I've only ever been determined to read short story collections by Stephen King. The next book I review, hopefully this weekend, will be Postcards from the Apocalypse by Allan Leverone. It's a short story collection, the second one I'll review (the first I reviewed was Florida Gothic Stories by Vicki Hendricks). Anyway, though I'm sure it'll be a wonderful read what with it being horror and all that jazz, I'll also be paying close attention to how the short story collection is put together. Plus, Allan guest appeared on Triple R a while ago, which makes me more excited that I've finally gotten to his stories.

I need to learn more about short stories and short story collections if I ever plan to take myself seriously when I say I want to self publish a collection. Even if it won't sell a hella lot of copies, or much at all (I'm having a hard time finding data about self published short story collections). Even though it will be very hard work. I want to try. I want to see what it's like to be part of the self-publishing world as much as I want to feel what it's like to be part of the brick-and-mortar publishing world.

P.S. On another note, very exciting things are happening to authors I've recently been keeping a close eye on. Amanda Hocking's Hollowland's series will become graphic novels! I've always fantasized that, if I ever get published, someone will want to do that for my work. Author Michelle Davidson Argyle had her first book signing for Monarch, and it appears as though it went very well. I really wish I could've come.
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  1. What a great idea to put together an idea book! I never get ideas. They are sooo far and few between. I'm very grateful when I do get some, hah.

    As far as short story collections go, I will be talking a lot about them soon because I'm putting together one of my own to publish in late winter or early spring. It's mostly for me, but it will be for sale for those who are interested. I'm just excited to do it! :)

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I love how different your ideas seem to be, in that Monarch is almost totally different than Cinders. I want my ideas to wide and different too. Like, I want to be more than just a supernatural writer.

    Same! It'll be a challenge, but I'm doing it because it's exciting for me (though not any time soon, unfortunately). Will your short stories have a common theme?

  3. Most likely they will not, but I don't care. I just want all my short stories in one complete spot for people to read if they want. I guess the theme could be literary and relationships.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Ah, okay. I was wondering if I should go for some type of common theme with my first collection, but I don't think I will. I'm sure most of them will be psychological horrors and little odd tales anyway, but I think it'd be too restricting to force a common theme out of myself when this'll be my first time writing short stories anyway. I can't wait to see them, though! You should totally put your poetry together into a collection one day as well.