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The Social Adventure: Zoo, Indiegogo, China Town, Beach...

I'm an ultimate wallflower. I somehow went from being a semisocialite to someone who shudders at the thought of calling friends and gets emotionally drained after hanging out, which later leads to abrupt sadness. I'm pretty sure that's also why I've been hesitant to use Twitter for so long. There's so much chatter. It makes me feel like I'm at a large party, expected to talk to all of these people, and then I just shut down.

A couple of days ago, I decided, "To hell with that. I'm gonna do things. There's no reason for me to feel lonely, like Matthew is the only one who wants to hang out with me."

So I did things. I went to the zoo with Matthew's sister and her boyfriend. A seagull creepily approached and stared at us the entire time we ate. When all the kids ran him off, he would come back and just stare.

I loved the meercats. They were so chill. When they're sitting there, looking up at the humans, it's like we're actually the zoo animals and they're watching us.

For 4th of July, I hung out with my cousin and her friends. We all shot firecrackers at this park. Someone let kids with no concept of death shoot the crazy firecrackers, and it was terrifying. Then, after that, I stayed in Chicago with my sister, mom, and niece for almost five days. 

This thing was made be trolls. The moment we lit it, it turned around and started shooting at me, my cousin, and her friends.

Mike, Matthew's best friend, recorded my Indiegogo video. I'm a little nervous that I look really awkward, but what the hell. It'll be fine. Now I'm just waiting to get the edited video back; then I can officially start the Indiegogo campaign and get back to work on the novel.

EDIT: He gave me the edited video right when I was in the middle of adding pictures to this post. It's mostly okay! I wanna edit a couple of things, but I like it. ^_^ 

I hung out with Matthew and a couple of other people at Mike's house. It was initially supposed to be a movie day, but it instead turned into a Minecraft day where I tried (and failed) to write a scholarship essay. I'm perfectly cool with that. I like Minecraft. Whenever I have the time, which I hope will be soon, I'd like to play. It's basically an advanced version of Legos, and it's great for building 3D maps.

Me, Angie, and a couple of other friends went to China Town for a parade. It was my first time at China Town. I wasted money on a lunch box and a fan, but it was money I was proud to waste. Wish I could've wasted more.

I don't know why I left the lunch box out of the group picture.

Found the petting zoo, and that was really fun. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the parade when we first got there, so we all spent most of our money in the normal stores. By the time we got to the parade, we were broke and kinda tired. The petting zoo made finding the parade so late completely worth it.

He has the Fro Factor.

Then we raced against time to get to the bus, but GPS on phones failed us and we missed it. Good times, good times. Still, I had a lot of fun, and I mostly feel sorry for Angie for having to spend so much money on the CTA passes.

I planned a beach trip. It was a small trip. Me and four others went. Though walking on the sand was like walking on hot charcoals and the flies persistently tried to rape us, I had a lot of fun at the beach. I discovered that my swimming phobia is much more fatal than I thought. When Jojo dumped me in the water, I seriously almost drowned. I'm the type of idiot that goes under and automatically screams. Whenever we went in to the deeper portions, it felt like the ground would just disappear and I'd drown. Just typing that now is making my heart go crazy. I think it's a control thing.

Anyway, these kids stole the big bouncy ball I brought. We had to go and get it back, but the ball kept flying back to them every time, so we punished the ball by forcing it to stay in a chair.

Ultimate punishment for a backstabbing ball. Somehow, though, the ball looks really godly.

Then a group of guys came and started playing football in the water. I didn't have my glasses on, so they all looked like running flabs of meat blob. Just when I thought THAT was odd, someone brought out an alligator. I'm really sad that I couldn't get a picture of that. First everyone thought it was fake, but then we saw stuff like his tail move. He had a duct tape around his mouth and a leash. The guy let us pet it. So I did, like three times.

The day before the beach trip (I think?), I got hired. I now have a part-time day job! All in all, this has been a great week, but I know that, soon enough, I'll have to return to my busy schedules. I don't want work to fall too far behind. Still, this vacation was much needed. Now that wallflower syndrome is going away. I like hanging out and talking to people. I like planning events, and I feel much better about myself.

Today I finished putting all of my office stuff in my bedroom, since my stepbrother is moving back in and needs that room. I love waking up to the medals, office materials, and that picture of me and Matthew at prom. It always reminds me that I have accomplished a lot, and I have a lot more to accomplish.

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