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My Indiegogo Campaign

See that video above? That girl just so happens to be me. In spite of my fears of looking like a goober when recorded, I asked my friend Mike to record me talking about my Indiegogo campaign. I wanted this video to be an introduction of sorts to the longer question and answer session underneath the video, where I thoroughly explained the who, what, when, where, and why about Unconventional Methods of Book Promotion and Networking, the guide I need help producing and marketing. You see, I'm a college student trying really hard to pay for a car and textbooks. Self-publishing a book is as expensive as paying for a car and textbooks combined, so I actually really do need help publishing this book.

I went into this campaign like a wide-eyed, hopeful kid. I somehow figured that the moment I put up the campaign, all the people who liked my FB page and my author photos would instantly support me. I set donation amounts as low as $1 and $5 with the hopes that, since anyone could give that much, anyone would.

7 days into the campaign, only three people donated. I'm extremely grateful and thankful that those 3 people donated a good amount of money, but my heart still sank. Of course, I understand the importance of marketing or I wouldn't have written a book about it, but this crowd funding campaign taught me so much about coming into anything wide-eyed without hardcore preparing from the get-go.

I still have 28 days left to market this campaign and ask for help, so I'll try to go as all out as possible. In my next post, I promise to share what I've learned about crowd funding, even if I don't meet my goal (and I honestly don't think I will. It's not a self-confidence thing. Realistically, I don't think I will). If you want to support the campaign, though, there's a big link below. ^_^

In other news, I am changing my update schedule for Tiffany Rambles. Every Wednesday, I'll either post an article on writing or something personal. Every Friday, I will post helpful links about writing that I find from emails. The first post that I'll put up next Friday will be brimming with 30-50 helpful links just as an introduction.
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