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Rude Drivers and Back-to-Back Reviews

Okay, so I don't mean to start this blog post by ranting, but I just have to. Here I am, coming out of a lot to get on the street, when the lady behind me speeds up, almost scratches the side of my dad's car trying to get in front of me in a small lane, and forces me to go to the side so she could get to wherever she had to go at least two seconds faster.

Really? I don't even have my license yet (I'll probably get it next week) and I wouldn't do something that immature and reckless. She was much older too! I'm supposed to be the hotheaded teenager, jeez.

Moving on, moving on...

This will be a busy day. Scratch that, this will be a busy week. My boyfriend graduates tomorrow. Father's day is this Sunday. I have three books to read and review this week. Today I'm reviewing The Fifth Device by Gunther Boccius for Self-Publishing Review. I want this review to be one of my best reviews yet for two reasons in particular:

1.) This is the first book I've been asked to review for Self-Publishing Review. As far as I can tell, Self-Publishing Review isn't a print magazine, but it is an online magazine. I haven't written anything for a magazine since Suspense Magazine in 2010. I want Henry Baum, the man in charge, to feel confident that consistently giving me books to review is a great idea. Plus, I like the idea of getting paid to sporadically write reviews for a magazine. The extra monetary help is much needed. Seriously, this is how I'm planning to pay my cell phone bill. -_-
2.) The Fifth Device, a 462-page book with a large cast of characters and many thoughts on sexuality, politics, corporations, etc., won't be easy to review. There is a lot going on, a lot I want to address. This isn't a book I could have successfully reviewed when I first started writing reviews as a senior in high school. Because I know it's more complicating than the books I usually review, this is a test of my 'skill.' I like tests as long as I'm the one grading myself.

Tomorrow I'm reviewing River Bottom Blues by Ricky Bush. As soon as I turn in the review for The Fifth Device, I'll need to go to Walgreens to get a Father's Day gift and my boyfriend's graduation gift. Then I'll come back home and start reading River Bottom Blues. It's only 186 pages, so I should finish today, even if I get distracted by today's tasks and have to stay up way late to finish it. Of course, Matthew's graduation is tomorrow, so I'm not sure exactly when I'll get to finish the review. However, I know for sure that I will at some point...even if I have to stay up way late. Ah, the life of a freelancer!

Wednesday I'm reading Zombie Candy for a Novel Publicity Whirlwind Tour. I'll be reviewing that Thursday. I love love love being a participant in Novel Publicity's tours. Emlyn Chand, the lady in charge, really gives her all to make sure the tours are fun and full of prizes. Writing for Self-Publishing Review makes me try hard to make sure my reviews are magazine worthy; writing for a Whirlwind Tour makes me try hard to be more creative. You see, those who write the best/most creative review wins $100. From what I've gathered so far, creative entries have a higher chance of winning.

I'll have to start making loan payments June 16th (even though I'll stop making loan payments in August when college starts). Fortunately, I have money put aside for any and all college expenses. It's not much, but it will at least get me through these first few loan payments and the first semester, as far as books go and whatever the loan doesn't cover. I'm hoping I'll have a part-time job at some point so that I won't be struggling too much when that 1000 I set aside for college runs out. Trust me, messing around with college, it will run out very soon.

Of course, I also plan to have my nonfiction novel Unconventional Methods of Promotion and Networking finished and in the hands of some beta readers by June 15th. I would really like to interview some authors about their unique promotional methods, but I'm having a hard time finding authors to interview.

Lately, I've been writing a lot of nonfiction. I can't wait to get back to fiction, though. When college starts, and I put the business on hold, I plan on writing fiction in-between classes and other work. I would love to finish Stepford Smiler (tentative title) or some other contemporary fiction book. I know contemporary fiction would be perfect for Rhemalda. Yeah, I've been making a big deal out of self-publishing lately, but I still very much want to be traditionally published, and starting with Rhemalda would be a dream come true for me.

Speaking of Rhemalda and contemporary fiction, here is a really cool Kickstarter they're doing:

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