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POV Concerns, Contemporary Fiction and Kickstarter Fears

Okay, so this has nothing to do with anything I plan on discussing in this blog post, but I want to share it anyway because I think it's cool.

Gotta love pirate language. I first tried this out last year. Now that I'm back at it, FB is pretty cool. I love how poking someone is actually shooting a cannon. That's the best part. 

Putting up a blog post at Rambles isn't on my horrendously long to-do list, but that's perfectly fine. Sometimes it's best to say "Screw you!" to your list and do something else. Right now, that something else I feel like doing is blogging. I don't know how many people really read or care about my posts here, but it's not a big deal. As long as I get my thoughts and concerns out, you know?

POV Concerns

In a recent post, I said that I wanted to change Savior of the Damned to third person. All previous six or seven drafts beforehand were in first person. However, I like the story being in first person when Alecia is narrating. Would it be a bad idea to have all chapters told in Alecia's POV, which will be most chapters, in first person and all chapters told in other character's POV in the third person? I saw this format effectively used in River Bottom Blues by Ricky Bush, the book I reviewed over at Reader's Den. 

Contemporary Fiction

I want to have certain books traditionally published and other books self-published. I know for certain that I will most likely self-publish all of my nonfiction books - 15 Unconventional Methods of Promotion and Networking will be my first nonfiction book - and the Savior of the Damned series. However, I do have some contemporary fiction ideas, and I'd prefer those to be traditionally published - preferably by Rhemalda Publishing. 

As it so happens, contemporary fiction is a genre I don't fully understand. I know contemporary fiction is supposed to be fiction told in the present time, but I don't really know what the subgenres are. I know there's women contemporary fiction, but that's about all. Of course, I'm sure I'll probably easily get my answer by searching on Google. Still, your thoughts on contemporary fiction would be much appreciated.

Kickstarter Fears

Next month will be all about raising funds for 15 Unconventional Methods of Promotion and Networking, just like how this month is all about finishing the damn book. I'm exactly 1/3rd of the way through. Anyway, next month I'll be asking for $1500. That's not a whole lot considering how much money others have asked for when it comes to self-publishing, but, for me, a small budget is better than no budget. Plus, I know about plenty of cheap alternatives and DIY methods of promotion and formatting.

Still, I'm terrified that very few will donate to me and that I won't get the money at all. Without that $1500, I'll only have maybe $250 to pay for editing, cover art, formatting, and promotion. That's....ridiculous. I'm already spending $150 on cover art. That's why I'm making sure that I'll have prizes for people who only donate $1 and those who can only donate $5. I'll have to figure out which methods are best when it comes to promoting Kickstarter projects, but I'll figure something out. I always do.

I hope you share your thoughts in the comments section! Here are two songs I really like. The first one is very bass heavy and involves screaming, so, uh, you may wanna turn your volume down or steer clear of that if you hate chaotic nonsense. Me, I love chaotic nonsense (apparently). The second song is so much calmer and more relaxed that if you listen to both back-to-back, you will get whiplash. 

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  1. Tiffany Says:

    Wow, I'm surprised that's all you had to say about this post. o.O

  2. Sierra. Says:

    Do what feels right, of course.