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One of Those Days...

You know, sometimes you just have one of those days where damn near everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong. Take today, for instance...

  • My laptop got a virus. I don't know how. All I know is that it happened super fast and threw me off guard. I generally take good care of my electronics. Hell, I'm one of those snobs who don't understand how anyone could let their computers become virus infested with so many free, wonderful opportunities like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Adblocker and CCleaner when, in actuality, they just may not be aware of those services. The fact that someone has a virus infested computer shouldn't lead to an assumption about their personality. Anyway, my laptop got a virus and wouldn't turn on for about five minutes. I rage cried and realized that if I had to buy a new laptop, that'd take all my car savings. However, my computer performed a basic recovery and everything is working fine now...except I no longer have my music, documents, pictures, or favorites. Thousands and thousands of stuff I loved was lost. Fortunately, I'm an e-mail hoarder and could save some of the stuff I lost (for instance, a whole draft of my novel Savior of the Damned and the books I need to review), but that's the price I should pay for not being smart enough to back my shit up ages ago.
  • My phone froze and blacked out on me right as a potential client messaged me on Twitter to say that they were considering my editing services. I had to completely take the battery out.
  • My Kindle would not let me type a status on Facebook. I'd hit the letters and numbers on my touch screen and nothing would happen at all.
Mind you, all of those things happened back-to-back. However, after all of that, I'm still hopeful. I have Matthew (our one year anniversary was yesterday) and my business stats are steadily progressing (my Alexa stats are finally in the hundred thousands instead of the millions, I have 10 subscribers to my newsletter, and I have 60+ page likes).

Today I'm writing for five hours - one hour each for this blog, Reader's Den, my marketing book, scholarships/contests, and Cracked (oh yeah, I'm now a writer for Cracked! It's like a dream come true. My firsy paying gig) - and I'm actually very excited! It's been a while since I just sat down like this and created content.

Hopefully, my next post will be a continuation of my Cool Things about the Internet series. Maybe I'll talk about Googling yourself or maybe I'll talk about TV Tropes. TV Tropes sounds more appealing though.

Anyway, heres an amusing vid (so much passion!) and a song I currently really like (I don't know why).

2 Responses

    Ahem. Moving on.

    Great news about the email thing. I'm the same way. (How do we keeping DOING that?!) Every time I lost something, I'd immediately look through my emails because I was always workin on my book(s) everywhere, at my parents' jobs, at the school library, at the mall, friends' houses, etc., you know, wherever, so I'd always be emailin shit to myself. As great a backup as that is, sometimes you just don't have Internet, so I use two USBs. One I progressively work on in real time and one that I periodically will update with a complete replica of the files on my real-time one. And then, I still email shit sometimes haha. It helps that I have an iPhone too, which uses its own Internet, and on which I sometimes write.

    Also, I'm cheap. Like, really. But I split the bill for Norton Antivirus with my mother so both my computer and hers will be blockaded against malware like viruses and shit (my old computer used to catch them fucking DAILY. Mighta been the porn haha). Now, I don't worry about that stuff, and it is pretty affordable. Of course, that's taking into account that I make like $1700 a month. I know your situation's nowhere near, so I advise taking the free/MUCH cheaper routes like MacAfee, et al. Some of the ones Tiffany White mentioned on Facebook yesterday are a good place to start, too.

    Oh, and I read all your posts here from Short Stories=Tough Love till now haha. I noticed along the way that you often did that too (I think you mentioned Neil Gaiman and Michelle Davidson Argyle). So yeah you're not the only one. :]

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Yep, I remember when me and Matthew first started talking. That was his song and my song was Nyan cat. I love that vid. It cracks me up every time.

    lol, who knows? But I wish I had more of your bluntness. Still working on it. I make myself sick being afraid to speak my mind (like, I really do make myself sick).

    lol, might be the porn for me too. I looked through my spam folder recently and was like "Uh, lol. See, this is why I don't ever look in this thing." Oh man, I wish I made $1700 a month. From what my dad gives me, I make about 150 a month. I can't touch the money I make from my business.

    Man, my posts have changed so much. I notice, from rereading my posts, that I consistently change up what the hell I'm done. I'm practically ADD with my goals. Cept I'm sticking with what I'm doing now. Shit is serious at this point.