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Step One: Preparing 'Unconventional Methods' for Publication

In July and August, I ran an Indiegogo campaign for Unconventional Methods of Book Promotion and Networking. I only reached 17% of my $2000 goal, or $355. After fees from Paypal and Indiegogo, that amounted to $290. I have not and will not touch that money. It's specifically for the book, which I am, of course, still working on.

After doing a substantive critique, I came up with a seven step list of everything I need to do to get Unconventional Methods ready for publication. Some steps are longer and more time-consuming than others, but they will all get me to a finished book worthy of publishing and promoting.

Here's step one: Define terminology for the index. Put chapters in the right section depending on the terminology. Add/remove chapters. Figure out which interviews I'll for sure conduct and where I'll place the interviews in the book.

I finished step one yesterday and learned that Unconventional Methods will have two sections, both with 5-6 chapters (titles subject to change):

Social Media and Networking
Yahoo! Answers
Seven Step Networking
World Literary Cafe*
Facebook Pictures*
Roundabout Promotion*
Author Karma

Promotion and Advertising
Giveaway Sites
Quizzes and Games*
Web Series*
Business Products
Character Personification*

*Chapters I'd love to get an interview for. I will not conduct an interview for each, but I need to choose three for each section for the sake of a back-up plan. 

I plan on doing two interviews for each section. I already know exactly who I'd like to interview and what to do if I can't get their help. I won't release names until I complete step two, which is dedicated entirely to interviews, and get some okays.

How do you prepare your books for publication, especially if you're self-publishing? 
3 Responses
  1. There is so much to publishing, I don't even know where to begin. One thing I always plan for is to get the book up and ready two weeks before I I ever say I will. Something is always bound to go wrong!

    Your book sounds fantastic!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Heck, these are just the steps I'm taking to prepare the book for publication content-wise. I'll have to create separate lists for distribution, marketing, budgeting, cover art, formatting, etc. I'm teaching myself along the way but, as overwhelming as it all sounds, I think this is incredibly fun. It's worth learning.

    I'm glad you like it. I hope it will be a helpful little guide for writers. It won't be anything major, like my DIY Guide and the tutorial vids I have planned.

  3. Yeah, there's nothing like doing it to learn it. Self-publishing Cinders taught me invaluable stuff. I wouldn't trade that for anything.